an Asian American Queer Newsletter

A newsletter made by and for queer Asians/diasporic Asians in the USA. Sent through the post to your mailbox.

This project follows the tradition of queer newsletters and periodicals of the 70s-80s.


The goal of this project is to connect people who identify as Asian based in the USA/Asian American and LGBTQ+. We are looking for written or visual submissions from those folks to put in a newsletter. Think of it as a forum, bulletin board, time capsule!

Passionfruit takes inspiration from queer newsletters and periodicals of the 1970s and 1980s. See the inspiration page for details.

Anybody who submits will be sent a free copy through the post.


Submit to this form.

Issue #2 Theme: WANTED!

wanted ads with a short description of who/what you needartwork and writing about wants, desires, and wishesnews from your community!


Email [email protected] or send an anonymous question through CuriousCat.


Passionfruit aims to provide a free copy of the newsletter to queer Asian Americans.

For the first issue (Summer 2021), Passionfruit received a grant from North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) that allowed contributors and a number of others a free copy.

For future issues, Passionfruit will remain free but will be funded out of my own pocket. If you would like to support free copies, please visit our Kofi page.

You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Also follow Passionfruit Newsletter on Twitter and Instagram at @passionfruit_nl!


Some resources:
Anamika, newsletter for South Asian queer women.Phoenix Rising, a newsletter released in 1984 and spanning a decade. See more at this website by Sophia Yuet See.Lambda Magazine, a periodical by UNC students that started in the 1970s.


open letterspoemscollected diary entriescriticism and essaysinterviewsrelated news from your communityvisual art, digital or traditionalsomething not here that you'd like to submit? feel free to send an email.


How has being Asian affected your participation in queer spaces, and vice versa?How do your various identities affect your thinking, your art, and your way of being?What do you wish would change about queer Asian American organizing?What do you think other queer Asian people need to know? What issues are urgent to you?What is something you would say to your former self?Who/what experiences have led you to be the person you are today?What does an equitable future look like to you?What does your community look like?